WHAT IS #NMDN ALTERnative Travel Conference?

#NMDN is a one day conference that brings people together in the realms of international art, music, food, and travel. More than just a conference, #NMDN is a full on experience that attendees 'travel into'. 

#NMDN Mentality

The #NMDN Mentality is one that has been bred from the lack of diversity (of all kinds) in noted travel expos and conferences, in the United States. Through the Nomadness Travel Tribe vehicle, we are integrating a broader definition, and demographic, of what travel is, what it does, and who it looks like. With an international scope we will tap into travel, culture, and potential entrepreneur paths while being a nomad.

#NMDN Snapshot

 Saturday, September 23rd. 2017

See Schedule tab for full day breakdown.